Helping Hands Program

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What is the

It is a fundraising initiative of the FRIENDS OF KIDS WITH CANCER FOUNDATION, for obtaining resources through semester and/or annual contributions from individuals and legal entities which feel identified with the children with cancer cause. These funds will be destined to support the sustainability of the Programs for children and teenagers who suffer from oncological diseases attended by our Foundation in Venezuela.

Who We Are?

We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, registered in Miami on October 2019, with the purpose of supporting the work done by the Friends of Children with Cancer Foundation (Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer) in Venezuela during the last 35 years. We provide valuable aid to many children and teenagers with cancer who belong to low-income family groups.

Goals of

Its general goal is to gather a group of mindful benefactors. Their biannual or annual donations help us assure the collection of sufficient funds, that allow to continue bringing responses to our children with cancer. As a result of the donations, we will continue to add efforts to improve the children’s care conditons.

How Can I Help?

The process is very easy. Enter There you will find all the necessary information and steps to make your donation. The donations can be done through Paypal, Venmo and Zelle. Select your prefered method or make a wire wire transfer to our account in Capital Bank.

Once you have made your donation, send an email specifying your information, amount and frequency selected in order to issue and send your receipt. Please bear in mind that all donations made to our Organization are tax deductible under provisions of law.

Responsible of Campaing Execution

The Campaign will be carried out by Friends of Kids with Cancer Foundation. A series of follow-up and supervision strategies will be implemented the in order to attract benefactors.


  • Planning & Mapping of actions in the campaing: Letters, Mails and/or Chat type messages, attract and recruit volanteers, message unification, visibility of the campaing, possible allies.

  • Meeting for the creation of supporting material for HELPING HANDS campaing.

  • Meeting with the responsibles of managing the social media networks (Twitter and Instagram) and the foundation’s Website. The goal of this meeting is to plan the launch of the strategy.

  • Assessing the results and possible long-term goals.

  • Gathering of data and analysis of results.

Voluntary Work

The implementation and follow-up of the benefactors’ route will be in charge of a special volunteers prepared for such task. They are responsible for the success of this process. These volunteers will apply through the channels agreed by the Foundation and will be selected according to the criteria required by the campaign. The volunteers’ responsabilities are:

  • Receiving all necessary information about the campaing, the importance of their voluntary work and training required.

  • Organizing themselves as groups with a lead Coordinator. Each one will be assigned a group of benefactors to simplify the follow-up process.

  • Keeping updated all benefactors in the use of their donations in accordance to the Foundation’s guidelines.

  • Reminding the benefators with sufficient notice the renewal of their donation, according to the deadlines established by the benefactors.

  • Collenting data of the benefactors information that corresponds to each volunteer, including their birthday.

  • Becoming an important ally of ally of the Foundation due to his contribution in the creation of hope for our children with cancer.

How to Donate Now

You can donate through Paypal or Venmo at any time of the year by clicking on any of the following links